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Want to watch one of the sessions now? Check out a video from Yousaf Sajid, Marketing Manager at Microsoft leading the Microsoft Teams for Education group.

The Learn Teams Conference Includes...

Getting Started with Teams

Day 1


We all start as beginners at some point. Today is the day for all beginners to unite and build their Teams foundation.

You will leave today with an understanding of what Teams is, what it can do for you, and how to get started or take that next step towards productivity.

Curious if you should even use Teams? We'll have some honest conversations on this as well as talk about security, a consideration for any enterprise organization.

A Few of the Topics Our Experts Will Discuss Today
  • All the important details to getting started with Teams
  • arrow-circle-right
    Security thoughts when working with Teams
  • arrow-circle-right
    Considerations with beginning to use Teams

Working with Microsoft Teams

Day 2


Now that you have an understanding of Teams and an idea of when, where and how to use it, we will show you how to work with Teams.

Communicate, collaborate and work in a new way with Teams. Whether your team is local or remote, or you work with students or peers, by the end of today you'll be a whiz at using all the main features and functions of Teams.

We'll make sure you can get access to Teams on mobile, and in all your organization locations.

A Few of the Topics Our Experts Will Discuss Today
  • Organization strategies with Teams, including file management
  • Teams on your mobile devices
  • Introduction to Teams for specific education uses

Innovate with Microsoft Teams

Day 3


Collaborating and communicating in the 21st century is more than just talk. It is exchanging ideas, interacting in real time wherever you are, and when done right leads to the accomplishment of a common goal.

This Learn Microsoft Teams Conference is about more than showing how to use the chat features of Teams. Today, we'll help you apply real uses of Teams in several different education settings. For those education users out there, this is a must see day. Enterprise and business users, use today to catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 or be inspired by some of education uses and adapt to your own work environment.

A Few of the Topics Our Experts Will Discuss Today
  • Interacting in different ways with peer groups
  • An introduction to extending Teams for social media 
  • Rolling out Teams to a large group of schools and users

Teams and Beyond

Day 4


The possibilities of Microsoft Teams can quickly be expanded when you add new features and tools using tabs, bots, apps and connectors. 

Don't worry, we are not developers, and we don't expect you to be.

Today, we'll discuss the fancy features of Teams from an end user and power user perspective. 

A Few of the Topics Our Experts Will Discuss Today
  • Options for communication within Office 365 and which is best
  • Teams and Bots in the enterprise and education system
  • Extending Teams with additional tools and apps

Real World Case Studies of Using Teams

Day 5


Here at the Learn Teams Conference we are focused on how Teams can help you in your work whether it be in a classroom or office, at a business, enterprise or education organization.

Putting it all together in the last day of video sessions, we'll share several case studies of how people just like you are using Teams. You'll discover what works, what doesn't and develop your own strategies and iterations of using Teams.

A Few of the Topics Our Experts Will Discuss Today
  • Go behind the scenes with an enterprise/business using Teams for all internal communications
  • Discover best practices for project management in education and in business, including external users if needed
  • Learn from innovative educators sharing specific examples of how they use Teams with their students

Plus Q&A Sessions and Twitter Conversation #LTC18

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The 25+ Speakers You Will Learn From in the Learn Teams Conference

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Day 1


Matthew Bailey
Tracy van der Schyff
Vlad Catrinescu 
Alistair Pugin
Georg Gusewski
Tom Grissom

Working with Microsoft Teams

Day 2


Melissa Hubbard
Hjálmur Dór Hjálmsson 
Erica Toelle
Laurent Carlier
Magnus Sandtorv

Innovate with Microsoft Teams

Day 3


Meenakshi Uberoi
Vineeta Garg
Vicent Gadea
Cathy Cavanaugh
Nicole Adams
Ginno Kelley
Brett Fyfield

Teams and Beyond

Day 4


Ståle Hansen
Jeremy Thake
Cal Armstrong
Scott Titmas

Margret Atkinson
Luca Di Fino
Yousaf Sajid

Real World Case Studies of Using Teams

Day 5


Ulrika Hedlund
Becky Keene
Svitlana Kolosok
Àngels soriano sanchez
Darren Clay
Anthony Newbold

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Attending this conference requires no travel and no out of pocket expense for you.

But it does require your time investment, and that is why we have worked hard to get the best experts from around the globe to teach you.

That is why we have structured the content in a logical way building on skills developed each day. 

That is why we have Q&A sessions, a TweetMeet chat, and other opportunities to engage, interact and grow.

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Ask yourself: Do you want to learn from the some of the world's top Microsoft Teams leaders and experts?


All times shown are in Pacific Standard Time, or the time in Los Angeles, California. When you register, you will receive an Outlook Calendar with the full schedule of events.

Day 1 | Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Matthew J. Bailey | Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Discover the collaboration and communication that is Microsoft Teams. Start with this fundamental session and build from here. This is critical knowledge before you can maximally utilize Teams in your enterprise or organization.

Matthew J. Bailey is an independent consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in SharePoint, Office 365 (including Teams), Azure & Power BI. He is a Microsoft MVP and certified as an MCT, MCSE, MCSA & MCP. Utilizing a mixture of consulting experience at major corporations with teaching, he loves to share skills learned as a SharePoint business analyst, administrator, trainer & developer obtained from over 10 years of working with Microsoft technologies. He is the author of The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide and co-author of Mastering Microsoft Teams. He enjoys speaking at conferences, from Ignite and SharePoint Fest to local community events and user groups. He is also an avid blogger.

9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Tracy van der Schyff | How Does Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Hub Sites Impact your Intranet Planning and Architecture?

When Microsoft Teams was launched in 2016, many of the ‘die hard hierarchical subsite builders’ had cause for concern. How would we stop site collection sprawl and what were the options to restore calm in the midst of the chaos? As Teams create site collections, duplicate ‘sites’ became an obstacle. The launch of SharePoint Hub Sites at the 2017 Ignite conference changed everything. In this session we'll cover:

1. Reverse engineering your site provisioning through Microsoft Teams.

2. Using SharePoint Hub Sites as a catalyst to join your organizational structures and bring common pockets of interest together.

3. Features provided by SharePoint Hub Sites: Search Scope, global navigation, theme & information roll-up.

4. Features provided by Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration and communication in your company. Knowledge is power and equipped with the above facts you will make better informed decisions around your Intranet.


As Microsoft 365 Coach & Catalyst, Tracy van der Schyff facilitates the evolution of human capabilities. Her passion is to empower people and therefore training and change management lie close to my heart. Her mission is to positively impact WHAT and HOW people create, as she believes what we design / create, designs / creates us back (Ontological Design). It is about enabling others to serve themselves better, expand their possibilities, increase their capacity to learn, act more effectively and better design their future.

10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Vlad Catrinescu | Securing Teams

Microsoft Teams is redefining collaboration across organizations and changes the way millions of people interact daily. While everyone is happy with the increased user adoption within the Office 365 workloads, administrators must manage, secure, and make sure it meets their compliance requirements. In this session we will look at what options administrators must ensure that users enjoy Microsoft Teams, while keeping their content compliant and secure!

Vlad is a SharePoint and Office 365 Consultant specializing in SharePoint and SharePoint Online deployments as well as hybrid scenarios. As a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer and recognized international speaker, Vlad has helped thousands of users and IT Pros across the globe to better understand and to get the most out of SharePoint.

11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Alistair Pugin | Teams and Security - Step 2

The security of your information is critical becasue of the open communication style of Teams. By the end of session two of the security series, you'll have a user level understanding of Teams critical security features, settings and structure.

Alistair is a talented Office Servers MVP with 20+ years of IT experience, technology including Livelink, Zylab, SharePoint, FileNet and more. He is also dabbling in development and is a consultant.

12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Georg Gusewski | What Needs to be Considered When Using Microsoft Teams in School

Teams is one of the most promising apps for collaborative efforts. In theory, it is the place where everything is connected: communication, appointments, notes, data, external websites and much more.
But what is the situation in practice? In this short lecture I will show the advantages and disadvantages, which I experienced in daily use.

Georg is a teacher at the Berufsfachschule Gesundheit Baselland. He accompanies the Canton of Baselland in the "Digitaler Lernbegleiter" project, works as a lecturer at the CAS PICTS-BFS at PHZH and is a consultant at various schools and SMEs on the subject of digitality and the use of Microsoft Office 365. He studied philosophy, biology and biological anthropology in Rostock, Freiburg i. Br. and Basel. He worked as a research assistant at the Unit of Ethics in Biosciences (University of Basel), is a founding member of the Philosophicum Basel and a co-thinker at Feelix and Impact Hub candidate Basel.

1 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Tom Grissom, Ph.D. | 10 Reasons to Join Microsoft Teams

Conversational style sharing of reasons to use Teams in an education setting with Tom Grissom.

Tom Grissom, Ph.D. specializes in the practical applications of technology, instructional design, and new media for the improvement of the teaching and learning process. Dr. Grissom is currently the Director of the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education & Professional Studies at Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Grissom is a recognized leader in the area of applied educational technologies and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Day 2 | Working with Microsoft Teams

8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Melissa Hubbard | How to Be a Great Teams Owner

Be a good teams owner by engaging your team, strategically setting up channels and tabs, using the settings to your advantage and driving collaboration the right way.

Melissa Hubbard is a Microsoft MVP and Office 365 and SharePoint consultant. She also is a community speaker and blogger on a variety of topics, including PMP. 

9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Hjálmur Dór Hjálmsson | Teams Mobile

The importance of access to data, communication and work is more important than ever in a modern workspace. In this session you'll be taken through the usage of Teams Mobile both for commercial use and in education. You will see how to use Teams in a mobile app and give you an idea of how it is to use Teams as a student in a modern class.

Hjálmur Dór Hjálmsson is a teacher – a proud one – and worked as such for few years both in Iceland and in Sweden where he obtained a Masters degree in Hydrology and Hydrogeology. He was one of the first teachers in Iceland to get the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert nomination and participated in the Microsoft Education Exchange in Toronto in 2017. He is passionate about helping teachers to adopt IT in their classroom and helping them to prepare our children for their future instead of preparing them for our past. Today he works as a consultant in a computer company in Reykjavik mainly focusing on helping teachers and students using ICT in their classroom, but also continues to help bankers, real estate agents, doctors and basically everyone that wants to be helped using Office 365 in a productive way.

10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Erica Toelle | Records Management for Microsoft Teams and Groups

Microsoft Teams and Groups provide a powerful solution for cross-silo collaboration. Yet, these tools can create a challenge for records management. How can we maintain a manageable file plan and compliance strategy when anyone can provision a workspace? In this presentation, we will discuss compliance features provided in Office 365 for Microsoft Teams and how you can use them to manage Teams and Groups content for compliance purposes.

Erica Toelle is an internationally recognized speaker on SharePoint, Office 365 and Productivity and the Product Evangelist at RecordPoint. She shares best practices and experience with practitioners through conference sessions, workshops, webinars and online publications. Erica has been helping customers with SharePoint since 2004, and has been hired as an expert by over 50 of the Fortune 500, the SharePoint Product Team, and Microsoft IT.

11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Laurent Carlier | Microsoft Teams in Class : The All in One Place for Communication, Sharing Contents and Collaborative Works

Are you looking to simplify your work in class with common O365 tools like OneNote, Forms, etc and have them in one central place ? Are you in need to focus more on communication and collaboration with your students ? Have you heard about the new service Microsoft Teams and want to see how to use it in class ?
If so, join this session and you will learn how to create a digital learning hub for students that goes beyond the walls of the classroom, how Microsoft Teams and OneNote can work together and how Microsoft Teams can modernize your classroom in terms of collaboration, communication and contents production.

Former french teacher with over 12 years teaching at various schools and universities in Japan and France, Laurent Carlier is an educational technology specialist, perpetual learner, and proponent of authentic, thoughtful use of technology in education. Fervent advocate of 21st Century skills and their changes in education, he currently works with K-12 classroom teachers and provide professional development on best practices and ways to integrate technology to improve teaching and learning. He is a Microsoft Learning Consultant for Microsoft Education France.

12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Magnus Sandtorv | How to Deploy and Use Teams for Education in Your School District

Microsoft Teams for Education has quickly become the coolest kid in class, serving as a digital hub for teachers and students everywhere. During this presentation you will learn how to deploy Teams in your school district, and automate class management using tools like School Data Sync. You will also gain insights into how schools can organize their teams to increase collaboration, learn how to distribute assignments into OneNote Class notebook and see examples of how 3rd party tools integrate deep into class teams to deliver a unique learning experience.

Magnus Sandtorv is an IT Pro focusing on Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility. He has a strong passion for Microsoft Teams and loves to share his knowledge on topics like deployment, administration and automation in education environments. He is a blogger at Teams.rocks and active on social media and forums like Microsoft Tech Community.

Day 3 | Innovate with Microsoft Teams

8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Meenakshi Uberoi | Together with Teams: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Create

Stay together and connected using Teams and transform the way staff, teachers, and students collaborate in teams and communicate as a school. Teams addresses the unique needs of different groups within a school enabling them to work together easily and get things done. Discover the myriad of things Teams can do in the education space in this session and be prepared for deeper dives on specific Teams in education uses. 

As Founding Director of De Pedagogics, education evangelist Meenakshi Uberoi is passionately involved in coaching, teaching and learning for over 13 years. She designs curriculum and works closely with schools to help them determine the best teaching strategies, transforming education using technology, implementing valuable learning experiences, and evaluating student performance to make any necessary changes in enhancing curricula.

9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Vineeta Garg | Leveraging Teams to Enhance Social Media Learning Outcomes

Collaboration on external communications (like Social Media) is seamless in Teams. The sources of external communication can be a web application or service such as RSS feed, Trello, Wunderlist, Yammer, Twitter or GitHub or a custom application that you have written. This collaboration can be done easily with the help of connectors. Integrate social media into Teams and make your classroom more connected, relevant and lively. 

Vineeta Garg is IT Head at SRDAV Public School, India for the last 20 years. She is a Microsoft Innovative Fellow, Microsoft Certified Specialist, Microsoft Office Specialist, Master Trainer and Skype Master Teacher, Minecraft mentor, Global SDG Ambassador, author, co-author and blog writer. She received the chance to showcase her work in an Educator exchange program at Budapest in 2015. Recently she won the Global Cyber Challenge and was awarded by the Prime Minister of India for the same. She is also a winner of many National and International competitions and has started many campaigns at the national and international level. 

10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Vicent Gadea | IT Coordinators or Other Peers Working Together in Schools

Don't limit Teams just to inside the classroom, use it when collaborating and communicating with your peer groups. This could include science teachers, IT coordinators or other types of groups. See how in this session.

Vicent is an ICT Coordinator, MIEExpert, Skype Master Teacher and Microsoft Learning Consultant. 

11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Cathy Cavanaugh Ph.D. and Nicole Adams M.Ed | Education System Transformation with Teams: Fragmentation to Focus

This session will share how Cathy and Nicole are building community and collaboration across their large system of 163 schools with Teams, including resources they have created, how they measure progress, and how they've expanded access to learning through their new virtual school taught in Teams with Class Notebook and Skype for Business.

Cathy Cavanaugh Ph.D. is Digital Transformation Head of Learning at Catholic Education Western Australia. She led digital learning strategy for Microsoft Education, was a professor and college leader in the US and UAE, and was a science teacher in the US and Caribbean.

Nicole Adams M.Ed is Digital Transformation School Program Manager at Catholic Education Western Australia. She led Educational Technology at the Australian International school of Singapore, was Educational Technology Specialist and classroom teacher at Hale School in Perth, and taught at Trinity College.

12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Brett Fyfield | Learning to Enhance Higher Education with Teams

Let's take a step back and think about if we should be using Teams at all in education. And if so, how? This session takes an academic approach as you will learn from the organizer of two pilot studies in Microsoft Teams, discovering more about academic development and being innovative in teaching and learning, with a focus on the practice of teaching with technology.

Brett Fyfield, MEd, FHEA is the Instructional Multimedia Developer at Queensland University of Technology. He completed a study on OneNote in higher education and is in the process of completing a similar study on Teams in higher education.

Day 4 | Teams and Beyond

8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Ståle Hansen | Outlook vs. Skype for Business vs. Teams

With several options for communication and collaboration among your organization, when, why and how should you be utilizing the options available to you. Plus, you'll discover more about the changing options at your disposal.

Ståle Hansen is the Founder and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay in Norway. He is an Office Servers and Services MVP with over a decade of experience with Skype for Business and Office 365. His core competence is to explain complex scenarios and make them understandable by combining technical insight and business value. In the past two years he has figured out how to be productive using OneNote and shares his tips in the OneNote LifeHacks YouTube series. He loves to share his understanding as an international speaker, blogger, highly rated trainer and as co-author of the book "Office 365 for IT Pros"

9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Jeremy Thake | The Current State of Bots in the Enterprise

Everyone is talking about the democratization of AI (artificial intelligence) and how bots are the new app. You are also seeing bots creeping into your personal life. So you’re wondering how bots help your Enterprise users. This session will describe what "Bots in the Enterprise" really means. Jeremy will discuss stories from enterprise customers about bots they are using RIGHT NOW. He will explain the challenges these customers had to overcome and the results they’ve achieved. The session will be packed with demos of bots to highlight the scenarios where they work, and where they don't work. More importantly it will cover how YOU can start to introduce bots into your Enterprise and increase the productivity of your users.
By the end of this session you will:
· Understand the real business value of bots in the enterprise and not just the hype
· Get a grip of how bots are helping enterprises right now
· See live demos of real world bots in the enterprise
· Know how you can introduce bots into your enterprise 

Jeremy is the VP of Product at Hyperfish, podcaster at ThakeNewsPodcast, formerly Product Marketer at Microsoft on Azure and Office365 and former 5 year Microsoft SharePoint MVP.

10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Cal Armstrong | Bots in the Education Space

Bots aren't just limited to the enterprise and are accessible by all types of Teams users. In this session, you'll see how to utilize bots in education settings. 

Cal is a mathematics teacher at Appleby College, a grade 7 to 12 boys boarding school just outside of Toronto, Canada. He is also the Director of Technology and Teaching Innovation for Appleby College. He is one of original hackers of OneNote and one of the leaders in pushing boundaries of what OneNote can do.

11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Margret Atkinson and Scott Titmas | Extending Teams and Flipgrid 

Microsoft Teams works great with Flipgrid and other education tools. This session will focus on getting you started with the Flipgrid and Teams integration, and well as give you some tips for getting interaction on your Flipgrid boards and Teams channels with your students. 

Margret teaches 6-8 literature in Zachary, Louisiana, and through her work with Real World Scholars's EdCorps and her students' EdCorps The Upstander Brand, National History Day, and Teach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she engages for student voice to effect change.

Scott is a Technology Integration Specialist in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He is passionate about helping teachers meaningfully integrate technology into instruction. Scott strongly believes in leveraging the power of collaborative tools like Skype, Flipgrid, and Twitter to teach students 21st century skills.

12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Luca Di Fino | Teams and OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years in the education space. With Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebook, exciting learning opportunities are accessible to students. Luca shares how to best utilize Teams and OneNote Class Notebook to enhance your students' learning and give them the tools needed for 21st century success.

Luca is a physics teacher, MIE Fellow, physicist, positivist, former Windows app Developer and space scientist (ALTEA on the ISS). Overall, you can describe him as a technology enthusiast.

1 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Yousaf Sajid | What’s New from the Microsoft Teams “Team”!

Join Yousaf Sajid, Product Marketer on Teams for Education, to hear about what’s new in Teams for Edu and hear stories of how educators across the world are using Teams. Find out about new resources and communities to engage with!

Yousaf is a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, focusing on the education sector. In his work, Yousaf leads Microsoft Teams for Education, the hub for teamwork and collaboration for students, educators, and school leaders. Prior to his career in tech, Yousaf worked in the education nonprofit space, supporting central Virginia public schools and also carries years of experience in higher education as a student affairs professional at the University of Virginia.

Day 5 | Real World Case Studies of Using Teams

8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Ulrika Hedlund | Switching to Teams for all Internal Communications - Lessons Learned

Go behind the scenes of an innovative company that has been using Microsoft Teams for all their internal communications. Hear from the owner their biggest lessons learned, strategies they are working on and ways your organization can implement practices that work.

Ulrika is a former Microsoft employee and founder and managing director of Business Productivity, a company dedicated to helping customers drive adoption of end user software through video-based storytelling. Her latest project, Storyals, is "is all about helping companies adopt a modern digital workplace and getting more out of their Office 365 investment."

9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Becky Keene | Managing Projects with Microsoft Teams

Working with multiple people on a project has never been simpler – even if the project includes people from outside the organization. Use Microsoft Teams to include everyone in a shared workspace to bring together communication and collaboration in one simple interface. This session will how project managers from any industry how to effectively create, manage, and implement Teams with groups of contributors.

Becky is Director at i2eEDU, professional learning guru, NBCT, Microsoft Expert Educator/Master Trainer, OneNote junkie, AVID consultant and an education tech specialist.

10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Svitlana Kolosok | Project Management with Teams in the Education Field

Microsoft Project and Teams work together to help with all stages of project planning in the education space. You will specifically learn best practices for international project planning in higher education and classroom management during this session.

Svitlana Kolosok, PhD, is a MIE Expert, MIE Trainer, MIE Surface Classroom Pro, Associate Professor of the Department of Management at Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management of Sumy State University.

11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Àngels Soriano Sanchez | Teams in a Language Classroom

See how you can Teams in a language classroom and improve your teaching. Teams is a powerful tool to develop the 21st Skills: collaboration, communication and creativity in student learning activity.

Àngels is a MIE Expert since 2014, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow in 2017 and 2018. She was an invited expert Fellow Teacher at ‘E2 Education Exchange’ (Toronto 2017). She is passionate about education, and participates as trainer coordinator (Global Learning), expert adviser and evaluator in different associations to promote ICT in Education. She currently works as Language teacher at Martí Sorolla II (Grupo Sorolla, Centros Concertados, València, Spain).

12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Darren Clay and Anthony Newbold | Effective Strategies for School-wide Efficiency Through Teams

As we think about the 21st and a half century, one thing that is becoming evident in all facets of industry is collaboration. The field of education is no different. Microsoft Teams promotes collaboration in several ways. Learn how we led a digital transformation at a Microsoft Showcase School by crafting innovative ways to use Teams. From administrative meetings to performance feedback discussions, the ease and efficiency of Teams makes it a perfect fit for a variety of organizations. Providing personalized performance management is now a breeze. As a professional development platform, we’ll show you how teachers receive immediate feedback and access to resources to improve their results.

Our Story: Anthony and Darren began their Microsoft journey in 2015. The duo gained international attention after successfully implementing a paperless school initiative at a Microsoft Showcase School in Atlanta, GA. They are most noted for hosting the largest school-led Redefining Learning Conference in U.S. history over the past 2 years. The conference hosted over 1,500 attendees with 150 presenters.

Their work has been well-documented with the educational community with national blog features and publications. Most recently, their work was featured by the U.S. Federal Government’s Office of Educational Technology. Collectively, they have presented in over 10 U.S. states to diverse audiences. Anthony and Darren continue to remain at the forefront of Microsoft Technology tools through their distinction as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Surface Experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Learn Teams Conference?

The Learn Teams Conference is a community-driven online event all about Microsoft Teams. It is 100% online and 100% free during the dates of the event. It is entirely focused on end users of Teams to help you whether you use it in a school setting, corporate setting, small business setting or entrepreneurial setting. It is an extension of the successful Learn OneNote Conference held every November. 

Who Should Attend the Learn Teams Conference?

Anyone wanting to learn how to use Teams better. This includes teachers, school administrators, office staff, project managers, general managers, office workers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc. If you use Teams, you should sign up and take your use to the next level.

Do I Have to Travel to the Learn Teams Conference?

No. Everything is online and available anywhere you have internet access.

When Can I Watch the Summit Sessions?

Each video is released for a 48-hour period, so you can watch easily no matter the time zone you are located in (I love the Australia fans). The last session video will be released on April 7th, and all the material will be removed from free access on April 9th. 

What's the Catch?

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Is This a Microsoft Event?

No. It is not officially endorsed or supported by Microsoft. This is a community-driven event organized by Jared DeCamp from Class and Office. This allows us the freedom to be transparent about what works and what doesn't work with Microsoft Teams. As the community of fans rally around this event, we do hope to see Microsoft amplify the reach of the conference by sharing on social media and we anticipate a presentation from at least one Microsoft employee.

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